Example: Model PT-2.33.0 (hand pack version)

Function Scheme

Function scheme PT-y.33.1 (belt box cartoning)

Basics: PT-y.33

The effective HST PT-33 machine type manufactures non heat sealable double chamber teabags with an outer air tight film envelope. It is based upon our approved basic platform machine PT-21 and can produce 150 up to 160 bags per minute.
The bag comes with string and hard tag, optionally knotted or stapled:

  • PT-2.33 : With knotting technology on both sides, the tag side as well as the bag side (i.e. y=2.
  • PT-1.33 : Only knotting at the bag side (i.e. y=1),
  • PT-0.33 : With standard food grade aluminium staples (i.e. y=0).

These bags are then individually packed into an outer film envelope by edgesealing seams at 3 sides, with a wide material range from oriented polypropylene (OPP), cellophane, PLA, paper compounds (with aluminium or PE and the like).

The film reel transport can optionally be equipped with a thermotransfer printer to mark the film, for example a best-before-date and lot-number or even labeling it with a product identification.

The version PT-y.33.0 (hand pack version) can optionally be equipped to be convertible from enveloped to naked bag (corresponding to the PT-y.21.0 hand pack).

The PT-33 has multiple advantages: The teabag is protected completely aroma tight in both directions. The envelopes are fully wrinkle-free, because of the horizontal position of the teabag during the heat sealing process. The environmental resource consumption can be optimized because the PT-33 is able to run even films down to 35 µm thickness. The machine is therefore not only reliable, but also quite economic for producing at reasonable costs.

Bag Size Options: A | B

The following teabag sizes are possible:

  • A : Larger bag size 64 x 44 mm.
    Due to the larger volume this is the best choice for packing of herbal and fruit infusions.
  • B : Smaller bag size 60 x 40 mm.
    This is standard for packing of black teas.

The machines are not convertible between bag sizes.

Packing Options: PT-y.33. 0 | 1 | 2

The following packing options are available:

  • PT-y.33.0 : Manual packing machine (hand pack).
    When high flexibility is needed or in countries where labour costs are lower, these manual packing versions are very popular. These models are equipped with an automatic counter which counts the bags, stacks and transfers them to an exit channel. These stacked and pre-counted bags can then be picked manually and filled into pre-formed boxes or tins.
  • PT-y.33.1 : Single row cartoning device.
    Pre-glued belt boxes, adjustable between 15 and 30 bags.
    Machines with automatic single row cartoning are used by companies with high automation grade and with dedicated production lines for a particular box format.
  • PT-y.33.2 : Multirow cartoning device.
    Flat blank cartons up to 100 tea bags. This elaborate cartoning is used in the rarer cases of large packages.

Key Advantages

  • 100% German engineering
  • Reliable mechanical technology
  • Long life cycle
  • Compact size
  • Hard Tag. Optionally knotting or stapling
  • Aroma tight film envelope protection, properly for very thin films
  • Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance and spare part costs
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Reasonable machine price
  • High flexibility also for small production lots

We are constantly developing our machines. All pictures show realized machines, which may have been subject to technical improvements. Appearance and details may therefore change.

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