Model KK-10

And the Task is: Avoid Plastic !

The gluing station KK-10 glues protruding flats onto the lid and bottom of the package with cold glue.

To avoid plastic wrapping, gluing offers the possibility of achieving a tamper-evident seal, which at the same time keeps the box tight. This closure is also the prerequisite for MOSH/MOAH safe packaging.


The boxes are lead past 2 nozzles which apply the glue bead alongside to the flats. Afterwards the boxes are pushed down into a chute funnel, where they are stacked in a chamber successively, moved forward at the bottom end, and then pushed upwards again. During this storage process, the glue dries.

Function scheme KK-10

To assist setting, the side walls of the chamber are lightly pressed during packing standstill. Conversely, the slight opening of the side walls during the movement results in easier, gentle and low-friction transport of the boxes.

Finally, the packs are pushed forward out in the same longitudinal direction, as they have been inserted earlier.

The speed can be up to 10 cartons/minute, depending on the setting time of the glue. 

Key Advantages

Cold glue has the decisive advantages that

  • it offers an energy-saving application method, since no power-intensive heating of a glue tank is required,
  • it resists essential oils from the product, in contrast to common hot glues.

Due to the robust design and the use of mechanical drives, the machine operates very quietly and with very little interference and promises a long service life.

  • 100% German engineering
  • Reliable mechanical technology
  • Long life cycle
  • Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance and spare part costs
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Reasonable machine price

Box Format

The device can be used for boxes in the length range from about 75 mm to 160 mm, therefore in the usual dimensions of the cartoning devices of teabag machines, especially with girdle folding boxes. It can be delivered for boxes with naked teabags or envelopped teabags, or optionally also for other applications where this type of tamper-evident closure is desired.

We are constantly developing our machines. All pictures show realized machines, which may have been subject to technical improvements. Appearance and details may therefore change.

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