Purity and taste

While the double-chamber teabag has been a luxury product for many years, in recent years it has become more and more the standard in very many countries around the world and dominates many markets. And even in developing countries, the preference for this high-quality bag type is constantly increasing.

The filter paper of a high end double chamber teabag is organic and the teabag is closed only by mechanical squeezing and folding. Therefore, it does not contain the chemical additives or adhesives that a simple sealed teabag requires to seal the filter paper. If one compares the shape of a flat single-chamber bag with the "three-dimensional" double-chamber bag, it becomes immediately apparent that the tea in the double-chamber bag is much better able to release its aroma to the water. Practically, a double-chamber bag gives up to 30% more flavor in the same brewing time. For this reason, a cup with the same amount of tea is tastier or develops the same flavor with less tea.

The 2 chambers of the double chamber bag make it possible to pack twice as much filling volume into one bag and are indispensable for the suppliers of many fruit or herbal infusions, because only with this method can the necessary volume be filled.
All the materials (filter paper, cotton thread, possibly aluminum staples) that make up the double-chamber bag are completely harmless from an environmental point of view. Even after the teabag has served its purpose and ends up on the compost or in the organic waste garbage can, it will not pollute the environment, but will decompose back into its original organic substances or acetic clay (aluminium staples).

Double chamber teabag types

Naked teabag: HST PT-21
Teabag in paper envelope: PT-25
Teabag in heat sealed envelope: PT-33
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