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HST GK-20 (Naked Bag)

The GK-20 manufactures giant size heat sealable single chamber teabags (pot bags). Its extra large tag (75 x 50 mm visible area) presents an ideal opportunity for prominent branding. The bags are not simple tube-formed, but rather feature two longitudinal side folds to enable more space for the infusion. Additionally, the longitudinal sealing seam is not visible on the full plain area of the bag, instead is hidden within one of these side folds.
A maximum filling quantity of 5 g / 16 ml is suitable for up to one tea pot. The possible use of polyester mesh allows for a better presentation of products, such as long-leaf teas, herbal or fruit infusions. The machine can alternatively be equipped with a multi-head filling weigher, or a simpler volumetric dosage for fine cut teas.
The production discharges on a conveyor belt, with a flexible counter to separate groups of tea bags for easier picking and manipulation.
The machine produces up to 45-60 bags per minute.

HST GK-33 (Bag in Heat Sealed Envelope)

The GK-33 is based on the GK-20 and produces the same type of teabag. With this model however each teabag is wrapped with an air tight heat sealed outer film envelope to protect the aroma. If a transparent film is used in combination with mesh filter material, the packed product can be perfectly presented to the consumer.
The film reel transport can optionally be equipped with a thermotransfer printer to mark the film, f.e. with a best-before-date and lot-number or even labeling it with a product identification.

Key Advantages

  • Innovatively designed pot size tea bag
  • Bag from filter paper or transparent mesh
  • Side folds to enable more space
  • Longitudinal sealing seam hidden in side fold
  • Extra large and prominent tag
  • 100% German engineering
  • Reliable mechanical technology, long life cycle
  • Compact size, easy assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance and spare part costs
  • Very low energy consumption, reasonable machine price
  • High flexibility also for small production lots

We are constantly developing our machines. All pictures show realized machines, which may have been subject to technical improvements. Appearance and details may therefore change.

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