Today, the history of the medium-sized family enterprise is led by the Dr. Klar family.

The term "family enterprise" does not only describe an arbitrary legal constitution, but is at the same time principle and basis of a specific company culture, which is characterized by personal entrepreneurial commitment, great experience and especially the love for tea.

In 3 generations and more than 70 years of company history, HST has been able to acquire a good name and a high level of market competence for teas as well as medicinal infusions - and this with end customers, professional consumers and pharmacists as well as with industrial companies as purchasers of tea bag machines and service customers.


The development of new products is always based on your wishes and needs and current market conditions. HST customers ultimately decide for themselves, based on criteria such as taste and appearance, whether the product meets their requirements. And against the backdrop of the keyword "healthy nutrition," consumers today are increasingly appreciating the value of safety and quality in food.

The Goldmännchen-TEE brand continues to enjoy growing popularity. The most important characteristic is: Goldmännchen-TEE simply tastes better. The company's mission statement places its absolute emphasis on precisely this. Here, taste is not a question of marketing, but a top priority matter and a central management task of the company.

For this reason, the distinctive worlds of enjoyment, e.g. the many blends in Goldmännchen-TEE or the H&S fruit and feel-good teas, are of the utmost importance in the company and are all "owner-tasted". This is because it is the only way to implement the consistent focus on taste and quality of the various brands and product lines. The family not only convinces itself of the quality of the goods to be delivered, but is personally responsible for the many, often unique tea variations in the most diverse flavors and stands for it with a good name !


HST offers its customers healthy and natural beverages for their daily needs, meeting high quality standards at a fair price. Developing delicious, healthy products that meet the tastes of many, many consumers and offering them in impeccable quality is the declared corporate goal of today's Managing Director, Dr. Wolfgang Klar.

To this end, product development and sensory analysis (tea tasting) are managed by his wife, Stephanie Klar. She develops the individual tea varieties and checks all delivered raw materials together with her trained team to ensure that they taste, smell and look exactly as they should. "With quality, imagination and the distinctive and daily newly lived love for tea, we convince singles, families, men and women and children of all ages of our diverse products."
Our motto: From our family for your family.


Alignment with high quality standards is a matter of course and is crucial to the company's success.
HST quality orientation includes:

- Careful selection of suppliers and high quality raw materials.
- Demand-oriented product development in accordance with market requirements and consumer wishes.
- Modern production control, of course in compliance with relevant legal regulations.
- Sophisticated and flawless logistics up to the point of consumption of the products.

Quality systems, certificates and controls for products and services can be found at, for H&S medicinal tea at and for Goldmännchen tea at

Responsible Procurement and „Ethical Sourcing“

Ethical principles in corporate management and procurement policy have become increasingly important in recent years - a development that we at HST are particularly pleased about ! Fair dealings with business partners and employees, environmentally friendly production and the responsible use of raw materials have received the greatest attention at HST since the company was founded.

For this reason, an ethically responsible procurement policy is also very important to us. For us, ethical purchasing and trading means recognizing our responsibility to ensure that humane working conditions and fundamental human rights are respected, both by ourselves and by every link in our supply chain. In doing so, we align our responsibility for the impact of our business policies on delivery schedules, pricing, order placement and fulfillment, and working conditions along the entire supply chain.

Instead of focusing our company exclusively on quarterly sales and profit figures in the short term, without regard for people and nature, we consciously focus on our social and ecological responsibility as a building block for long-term economic success. In accordance with our corporate mission statement, our relationship with employees, suppliers and customers will continue to be characterized by respect, consideration and a sense of responsibility. Our actions are oriented towards sustainability in a generation-spanning way of thinking.

Responsibility for the Environment

Excerpt from the guidelines of our company policy:

"Our production uses rational processes with a high proportion of in-house manufactured technology. We produce in an environmentally friendly manner, e.g. by minimizing energy consumption and consistently separating waste. At our sites, the environment is not polluted by harmful wastewater or exhaust air because we do not use any environmentally hazardous substances in production."

"Sustainability is important to us. That is why we only process wholly or predominantly natural and renewable tea raw materials. Where available, we use packaging materials from sustainably producing suppliers."

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