Our company currently consists of several hundred employees throughout Germany. Very many of our employees have been working for our company for ten years or more, and their many years of experience and enthusiasm for our products are visibly reflected in the quality of our work. Again and again we are allowed to say goodbye to employees who have spent almost their entire working life of more than 40 years in our company. There are also many cases where further family members of our employees, often in the second generation, are employed by us. Last but not least, this is a sign that our employees trust the company and that we all enjoy our work and take pleasure in it every day. A heartfelt thank you to all those who contribute to our success every day: our employees.


We are a medium-sized, third-generation family business based in Kressbronn on Lake Constance. For more than 70 years, the company has been developing, producing and selling teas primarily under the brands H&S Arzneitee (medicinal infusions in pharmacies), Goldmännchen-TEE and CLIPPER-TEE (tea products in food retail and out-of-home channels).

In addition, our mechanical engineering division develops and builds packaging machines, in particular tea bag machines, which we use both in our own production facilities and sell worldwide.

We continuously expand our position on the market through our focus on highest product quality, innovation and above all, our love for tea.

Our mission statement as an employer is characterized by mutual human interaction and common goals to achieve a working atmosphere where no one is anonymous and unimportant.

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