The RB-10 produces round shaped filter bags with a diameter of 70 mm (without string and tag). Such tea bags can be used as well conventionally in pots or cups as also in common coffee pad machines. The machine produces up to 400 bags per minute.

Key Advantages
• 100% German Engineering
• Reliable mechanical technology
• Long life cycle
• Compact size
• Filter material combinations possible
• Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
• Low maintenance and spare part costs
• Very low energy consumption
• Reasonable machine price
• High flexibility also for small production lots

The version RB10 discharges the tea bags on a conveyer belt for manual end packing, and the RB10.1 stacks the tea bags automatically into round tin boxes (pre-formed, without lid).

Because the machines use 2 separated reels of filter material, they are able to produce tea bags with 2 different materials on each side, for example filter paper on the downside and a more transparent non-woven fibrous fleece or a fully transparent PE mesh on the upside, which leads to an unique optical effect: Through the mesh, one can see, smell and feel the tea against the intransparent white filter paper background and enjoy it with all senses.

The machine is extraordinally reliable and effective.

Specifications Unit RB-10
Bag size ø [mm] 70
Maximum speed [bags/min] 400
Connection power / Average consumption [kW] 2,8 / 1,8
Dimensions [cm] 200 x 900 x 1900
Weight [kg] 850
Compressed air [bar] 4 - 6

All machines are equipped with the Siemens PLC S7.

Data depending from used materials as well as subject to possible technical modifications/improvements and therefore not necessarily definite.

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