The PT-6 produces rectangular single chamber tea bags (without string and tag) by edgesealing seams at 4 sides using heatsealable filter materials.

 Key Advantages
• 100% German Engineering
• Reliable mechanical technology
• Long life cycle
• Compact size
• Filter material combinations possible
• Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
• Low maintenance and spare part costs
• Very low energy consumption
• Reasonable machine price
• High flexibility also for small production lots


The PT-6 series consist of two types with two variants each. The main difference between thetypes is that the PT62.x produces tea bags in two lanes and the PT64.x in four lanes. The highspeed PT64.x is our new flagship model which can produce up to 1.000 tea bags per minute.The smaller version is the PT62.x which produces up to 480 tea bags per minute. In each case,a pair of 2 bags are kept together by thin nose-pieces so they can be handled more accurately,but teared very easily by the consumer.

The variant versions PT64 / PT62 stack the tea bags for filling pre-erected boxes or for manual end packing on a conveyer belt. The PT64.1 / PT62.1 stack the tea bags fully automatically into a carton box made from flat blanks with a hotmelt gluing system, check-weighs the boxes and closes the lids. Due to the top-loaders thoroughly concerted movements, the bags are layed down very neatly into the box.

Because the machines use 2 separated reels of filter material, they are able to produce tea bags with 2 different materials on each side, for example filter paper on the downside and a more transparent non-woven fibrous fleece or a fully transparent PE mesh on the upside, which leads to an unique optical effect: Through the mesh, one can see, smell and feel the tea against the intransparent white filter paper background and enjoy it with all senses.
The machine is extraordinally reliable and effective.

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