Key Advantages
• 100% German Engineering
• Reliable mechanical technology
• Long life cycle
• Compact size
• Hard Tag. Optionally knotting or stapling
• Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
• Low maintenance and spare part costs
• Very low energy consumption
• Reasonable machine price
• High flexibility also for small production lots

Fuction scheme

The highly approved PT-21 represents the basic version of our double chamber tea bag machines, producing 150 up to 175 non-heat sealable double chamber filter bags per minute with one of the following three options,
• food grade aluminium staples, both on the tag side as well as the bag side (models PT21.x),
• knot on the bag side and food grade aluminium staples on the tag side (models PT121.x),
• knots, both on the tag side as well as the bag side (models PT221.x).
To enable a fast infusion and tea aroma flow, the double-chamber tea bag provides enough
space with its two chambers. Up to 2,5 - 3,5 gr black, fruit or herbal tea can be packed in
these tea bags, providing 30 % more infusion compared to a single chamber bag.

Packing options
The following packing options are available:
• Manual handpack machine (models PT21, PT121, PT221)
• Single row cartoning device for pre-glued belt boxes between 15 and 30 bags (models PT21.1,   PT121.1, PT221.1)
• Multirow cartoning device for flat blank cartons up to 100 tea bags (models PT21.2, PT121.2, PT221.2)
When a high flexibility is needed or in countries where labour costs are lower, the manual packing versions (PT21, PT121, PT221) are very popular. These models are equipped with an automatic counter which counts the bags, stacks and transfers them to an exit channel. These stacked and pre-counted bags can then be picked manually and filled into pre-formed boxes or tins.
Machines with automatic single row cartoning (PT21.1, PT121.1, PT221.1) and multirow cartoning (PT21.2, PT121.2, PT221.2) are used by companies with high automation grade and with dedicated production lines for a particular box format.

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